Maxime Raymond- Results

Year Achievement Location
2014 Recognition in the House of Commons of New Brunswick New Brunswick, Canada
2014 Bronze Medal Edmonton International
2013 Silver Medal Omnium International Quebec
2013 Bronze Medalist Ontario International
2013 Francophone Games Nice, France
2012 Pan-Am National Team Republic of El Salvador
2012 5th place World Championship-Samoa, Polynesia
2011 Bronze Medalist Starett Judo Cup International - New York, USA
2011 7th place Ocean State International - Rhode Island, USA
2009, 2010 and 2011 Pedro Judo Challenge Bronze Medal, GOLD & 5th- Boston, USA
2009-2013 Champion in Eastern Canada
2009-2013 Atlantic Champion
2009 Francophone Games Near East, Lebanon
2009 Silver Medalist Canadian Championship